I’ve experienced heaven

Quite often

While sitting at the balcony

On a shady day

Watching the wind blow

On the leaves

But there was always something missing


Heaven is not enough

And I knew what was missing

It was you


I’m a butterfly
Just out of my chrysalis

Strange to the world

And its intricacies

I flutter around

Oblivious of the dangers

That surrounds me
But slowly

Ever so slowly

Fear envelopes me

I’m lost

In this madness and chaos

Is it just me?

Or is this fear justified?
This world overwhelms me

I have no place here

Where innocence is weakness

What is a butterfly to do among bulls?

There are no flowers in this garden

Only thorns
So I go back

Back to my own cocoon

Within the comfort of these walls

Where fear does not haunt me

But I have not lived a life

For there is no heaven on earth

It is long gone

In Summertime

You will not know when I arrive

I will walk up to you when you least expect it

While you lie down on a grassland on top of a hill

Among the wildflowers

In that peach coloured summertime dress

Wind in your hair and sunshine on your face

I will surprise you

Fill you with happiness again

And we will walk down the grassland


Into eternity


She walked into the darkness of the night

Consumed by fear

A million charms to protect her

But the beasts showed no mercy

Beneath muffled screams

And cries for help

They devoured her

Nothing remained

But her bleeding flesh

She walked into the darkness of the night



But the beasts showed no mercy

Beneath her silent defiance

And cries of pain

They devoured her

But she walked on

Her body broken

Her soul unscathed

What is fearless

Cannot be conquered

You may break her body

But her soul will remain

A Little…

A little lost, a little lonely.

Confused, dazed, a little lowly.

I wander through these nights


Like the breeze that blows

Through these city streets

So coldly!


A little scared, a little excited.

Perplexed, stunned, a little undecided

I walk these empty streets


Like an old and empty church

A strange melancholy fills me up